The Rider Safety Visibility (RSV) initiative was launched to build awareness and improve greater standards in safety by merging networks of brand manufacturers, plus gear and apparel; engage all cyclist in a call to action; co-campaign for alternative transportation and climate action; challenge political and community leaders alike to lead healthy lifestyle options

How we do it

We offer sponsorship, ecommerce, and grant opportunities to participating companies and organizations designed to help them spread the word about their products and to inform cyclists and cycling enthusiasts about the latest Rider Safety Visibility (RSV) technology.

To participate, organizations are vetted to ensure their products enhance rider visibility and safety, are high quality, functional, and are game changers pushing the boundaries of current technology. Participating companies must be active in 2 of the 3 relevant areas of focus: rider, safety, or visibility.

Secondly, more cycling means less automobile traffic, and as any
resident of southern California or other congested areas of the US
can attest, less traffic is a worthwhile goal.

Last, but certainly not least, with less automobile traffic comes less
pollution and less impact on the environment—also a worthy goal.