Rider Safety Visibility (RSV) was created to improve rider visibility by enacting programs that tie together companies, bicycle advocates, alternative transportation, climate action, businesses and community leaders with a call-to-action. 


How It Works:

The Rider Safety Visibility (RSV) initiative includes bicycle dealers, bicycle manufacturers, cycling gear and cycling apparel companies, alternative transportation and climate action organizations, as well as cycling advocates a unique opportunity to connect with thousands of cycling enthusiasts around the country. Through RSV™, participants spread the word about their products, services, and
activities to drive awareness and education about the latest rider safety visibility technologies and best practices. It’s a great way to
boost awareness for your product or cause, while also supporting a worthy initiative.

Company Participation
• RSV Certification
• Annual Membership Benefits
• Certified Logo
• Community Outreach
• Ecommerce Platform
• Digital Advertising
• Social Media
• Email Campaigns
• Public Relations
• Promotions & Special Events
• Tradeshows
• And More