The Rider Safety Visibility (RSV) initiative was launched to build awareness and improve greater standards in safety by merging networks of brand manufacturers, plus gear and apparel; engage all cyclist in a call to action; co-campaign for alternative transportation and climate action; challenge political and community leaders alike to lead healthy lifestyle options.




What We do

The Rider Safety Visibility (RSV) initiative works with bicycle dealers, bicycle manufacturers, cycling-gear and cycling apparel companies, cycling enthusiasts, and business and community leaders to drive awareness and education about rider visibility and the latest technologies and best practices around rider visibility.

RSV is:

  • A bridge for retailers and communities as a service to increase confidence to enjoy cycling. And, a new retail category in association with our label
  • Co- branding for products in support of IBD’s, with an appeal to existing and future customers by including Rider Safety Visibility signage, messaging, logo association, sales training.
  • Poised to be the cycling industry equivalent to the FDA– by dealer manufacturer activation, education, and instituting a cyclist code of conduct through a RSV certified points system.
  • Strategic network for direct and indirect marketing and sales penetration
  • Adding partners to carry our label, and mission, whereas direct/indirect point of sales activities are increasing.


Scope of Work: Our team manages education, outreach-public relations and digital marketing in a strategic program to coincide within all activities in relation to the bicycle industry.


Rider Safety Visibility, Success To Date:


  • Four regional retail stores are increasing purchase orders to be a part of this program. Prototype testing on a 2×2 kiosk yields a 17x increase in RSV related accessory sales, in August, led by California Bicycle, Inc. in La Jolla, Calif.


  • Pro Cycling Team Jelly Belly p/b Maxxis commits to contractual bind all riders to training with day/night running lights. A statewide high-profile law firm begins to sponsor the team in the name of Rider Safety Visibility.


  • Visit Oceanside commits to RSV, placing a retail kiosk in their Welcome Center for tourist and locals alike. Supported by Deputy mayor Chuck Lowery, Oceanside Bike/Walk Committee, SoCal Bike store


  • Imperial Beach, Bayside STEAM Elementary hosts a RSV presentation that includes Denise Mueller – bicycle land speed record; Danny Van Haute – owner/director pro cycling team Jelly Belly. RSV receives a letter of endorsement from Mayor Serge Dedina.


  • San Diego County Supervisor Candidate Nathan Fletcher is to release a bicycle plan, including press conference with local influencers, on standards/policy to increase rider safety visibility and health. Incumbent supervisors expressing interest.


  • Leucadia 101 is to purchase and distribute RSV products to cyclists on pacific highway during special events. Encinitas and Carlsbad in similar partnership discussions. To include focus on Climate Action and Active Transportation


  • Regional RSV Summits held to bring together retailers, bicycle industry, climate change, and governmental leaders to discuss bicyclists’ safety.


  • RSV & Visit Oceanside to exhibit together at Sea Otter Classic April 18-22. RSV brands will be on display, including VO-RSV package drawing to include weekend stay in Oceanside during October Bike the Coast event, along with electric bike, LED helmet, high-vis clothing and accessories, to complete the package.


  • Nationally recognized and award-winning personal injury law firm Estey & Bomberger – EB Cycling Law join RSV and begin to sponsor cycling organizations (i.e., Swami’s Cycling Club, Jelly Belly Cycling) to advocate for safe cycling.



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